Without any official announcement Apple has made the beta of iWork for iCloud available to anyone with an Apple ID. First announced at WWDC back in June, initially iWork for iCloud was only available to paid developer accounts and then later expanded to free ones.

Now you can head over to the iCloud site, login in with your Apple ID and then you'll notice the beta icons for Pages, Numbers and Keynote appear.

The beta apps can connect with your previously saved iCloud documents from the desktop or iOS versions, however even those who do not have iWork for iOS or Mac can get into the public beta. You'll need an Apple ID like we mentioned above, along with an Apple device with iCloud activated on it.

Early hands on impressions of the browser based iWork, were generally positive but had some concerned with the lack of collaborative editing on documents. Along with the new web-based editing, the apps can import Microsoft Word documents and are compatible with Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Some reports have said that iWork could go free later this year, and although Apple hasn't officially said anything, the public beta could point to that. Obviously, this could just be Apple ironing out the bugs on a larger scale though. The full release is expected to land around the same time as Mavericks or iOS 7.