Microsoft recently introduced a new search experience built right into Bing that will show relevant products on the main results page. Microsoft said this was done to eliminate the time it takes to navigate to a dedicated shopping experience to find products you are looking for.

For example, say you are looking for a new digital camera. Simply type in a query like "DSLR camera" and you'll be shown a category snapshot of the top DSLR cameras just under the search field. Clicking into a specific sub-category like "Canon EOS 6D" will reveal a carousel of related results complete with pricing and availability from various merchants.

Additionally, the feature will harness Microsoft's Snapshot technology to expose more details you need for a specific product. This may include resources like specs sheets and product reviews - all available without having to navigate to another page.

Those that decide to purchase a product through Bing have two different options. As product pricing and availability from merchants appears inside search results, users can simply follow the link to the retailer's website. Alternately, Bing is using new product ads with photos and pricing to show products from other merchants across the web.

Microsoft says the product search experience will be rolling out over the next few months as they continue to fine tune the experience and improve logic to determine when users are and aren't shown products. During the transition, Bing users will still see the old shopping experience.