If you're eyeballing Motorola's highly customizable Moto X smartphone but haven't yet pulled the trigger, it might be wise to wait a few months before doing so. That's because the handset is expected to see a $100 price cut later this year according to rumor specialist EV Leaks.

It's good news for those interested in Motorola's latest hero phone but not so much for others that have already pulled the trigger. At the same time, the decision - if it turns out to be true - isn't terribly surprising as many Android handsets see a price cut just a few months after launch.

What's more, a price cut would help spur a second wave of sales which would be just in time for the holiday buying season. There are a number of new smartphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung expected to drop in time for the holidays meaning a price cut could help Motorola better compete with the big players. It could also go a long way to quell the concerns of some that disagreed with Motorola's initial pricing for a phone that contains mid-range hardware at best.

The hope behind the $200 price point was that people would be willing to overlook the hardware in exchange for a highly customizable handset. Part of the allure of the custom Moto X experience is the wooden cases that were shown off during the phone's launch event. They have been MIA thus far but the leak specialist says we can expect to see them arrive in the fourth quarter for an additional $50.