Microsoft recently rebranded the Xbox Live Marketplace less than a week after converting Microsoft Points to real currency. A Microsoft representative said the change will make it easier for consumers to find content both on the Xbox 360 today and the Xbox One when it launches in November.

The Xbox Games Store will now sit alongside the Xbox Music Store and the Xbox Video Store. Interestingly enough, the same area reads Xbox Games in the US and Xbox Games Store in the UK. Perhaps the web team simply hasn't gotten around to making the full name change just yet.

Aside from the name change, the online marketplace is virtually identical to the old storefront. It's all part of a larger streamlining effort to get gamers ready for the Xbox One's imminent launch.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft last week did away with the virtual currency after promising to do so earlier this year. Funds that were left in accounts as of last week were converted to local currency that is equal to or greater in points value. Microsoft said all purchases made with converted funds wouldn't be taxed but note that you only have until June 1, 2015 to spend funds before they expire.

As of now, funds can only be used to make purchases through Xbox 360 and the Windows Phone Store but most believe you'll be able to spend money across all of Microsoft's stores and marketplaces from a single account before too long.