We've seen bits and pieces of the Xbox One's dashboard via various public showings but it's a recently posted video from YouTube user Jackson Carson that gives the best look yet. The two and a half minute clip showcases the controller, the console and the dashboard in action which is said to still have lots of bugs.

Much like the Xbox 360 dashboard, the one found on the new console is crafted using Microsoft's new user interface (Metro-style) with various-sized Tiles spread across multiple sections. Main categories like movies & TV, music, games and apps all have their own separate areas. Other apps like Internet Explorer, Skype and Xbox Music can be found in Pins near the home area.

The most recent look at Xbox One's interface came during a closed doors session at Gamescom last month. Since its announcement, we've learned the dashboard can support up to 1,000 friends with the ability to keep favorite multiplayer pals close at hand in the Pins section. What's more, the system supports up to six simultaneous users signed in at any given time - all of which can be accomplished via voice commands through Kinect.

The Xbox One will be available starting November 22, one week before the PlayStation 4 is launched in most markets. The single exception is in North America where Sony will have a one week jump on Microsoft and a $100 lower price point.