Back in March, Google brought Snapseed photo editing capabilities to its Android and iOS Google+ apps, and now the company is bringing the editing tools to the desktop.

The full feature set will only be available through the Chrome browser and will feature many of the options you would probably expect including things like filters, auto enhancing and selective editing adjustments. Selective adjust allows you to separate certain portions of an image and edit them individually. The desktop Snapseed editing will come with filters like Vintage, Drama, Retrolux and Black & White, as well as the ability to add frames and other vignette-like options.

The feature set will be powered by Google Chrome's Native Client technology the company introduced two years ago, that allows developers to easily port code to the browser.

Like we mentioned above, those who aren't using Chrome won't have access to the rich tool set, with just the basic crop and rotate functions available. It sounds like Google has even tweaked these features to make them a little easier to use as well as more accessible.

The new Snapseed features will be rolling out slowly over the next few weeks, in regular Google fashion. Once the feature set is made available to you, you'll see the new editing tools by simply selecting an image on your Google+ account and hitting edit.

You can check out the new tools in action below.