Republic Wireless will soon begin selling Motorola's latest flagship smartphone for $299 unsubsidized. That's a heck of a price when you consider the Moto X retails for $579.99 without contract from AT&T. The days of the 2-year contract certainly look numbered, eh?

In a FAQ on the company's website, Republic Wireless said they will begin selling the Moto X in November of this year. The delay has to do with the handset undergoing final certification on Sprint's wireless network. Once that is complete, the phone will be ready to hit the open market.

Republic Wireless, like many other pre-paid carriers (Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, etc.), uses Sprint's network for wireless connectivity. They are a bit different than others, however, as their handsets also utilize Wi-Fi whenever possible - a service they call Wi-Fi Hybrid Calling. This means you'll get Wi-Fi quality voice calls whenever possible and if you step out of Wi-Fi range, service will seamlessly switch to a cellular connection.

The downside to providers like Republic Wireless is the fact that they use Sprint's network. As you may know, Sprint's 4G LTE footprint is much smaller than those of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The LTE rollout is in progress but as of writing, LTE service is spotty at best. Add to it the fact that they only offer one smartphone as of writing (the Motorola Defy XT) so your choices are pretty limited. That of course won't matter much if you are eyeballing the Moto X, but it's worth mentioning nevertheless.

It's also worth pointing out that existing Republic Wireless customers that want to upgrade to the Moto X are eligible for Motorola's $100 Jelly Bean rebate, sweetening the deal even more.