Walmart is looking to push LED light bulb technology mainstream with the launch of their Great Value line of bulbs. The Bentonville, Arkansas, retailer will sell 26 different bulb types including a non-dimmable 60-watt equivalent LED unit that will retail for $8.88 and a dimmable model for $9.88.

Bulbs using LED technology are said to provide the same quality and appearance of traditional bulbs except they are 80 percent more efficient, emit 40 percent less heat and last 25 times longer than a filament-based bulb. According to the Energy Information Administration, replacing all of the bulbs in your house with LED models could save an average of $129 per year on your energy bill.

If the Great Value line isn't for you, perhaps a bulb from General Electric (GE) is more up your alley. A 60-watt dimmable GE LED bulb can be had for less than $11, we're told.

LED bulbs look to be the future but high prices have kept the technology at bay thus far. I haven't tried an LED bulb personally but they certainly look better on paper than compact fluorescent bulbs as they last longer, consume less electricity, cost less to operate and contain no toxic mercury.

The bulbs are now available in all of their US stores and online with the goal of making LED light bulb more accessible for consumers, the company said in a press release on the matter.