Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer caught a lot of flak earlier this year for her decision to end the company's work from home policy. Now it seems other are following in their footsteps as Hewlett-Packard is actively discouraging the practice at their offices.

As we understand it, it's not a direct order from the CEO - at least, not yet. Unlike Yahoo, HP is starting small as several employees are being told by bosses that if they can work at the office, they should. The reason, according to a question-and-answer memo obtained by All Things D, is that HP wants to create a culture shift that will help create a more connected workforce and drive greater collaboration and innovation.

The memo goes on to point out that during the critical turnaround period, they need all hands on deck. Despite the fact that they may have asked some people to work from home previously for various reasons, the more employees they are able to get into the office now, the better the company will be.

It's all reportedly part of a larger turnaround effort under CEO Meg Whitman. She is expected to give a status update on the turnaround during an analyst meeting schedule for Wednesday in San Jose.

Exactly how many employees may be affected is unclear as we don't know how many currently work from home. At last check, HP had 331,000 employees worldwide although they were to have eliminated 29,000 by the end of the 2013 fiscal year which ends later this month.