HP needs 'all hands on deck' to boost turnaround effort

By Shawn Knight · 8 replies
Oct 9, 2013
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  1. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer caught a lot of flak earlier this year for her decision to end the company’s work from home policy. Now it seems other are following in their footsteps as Hewlett-Packard is actively discouraging the practice at...

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  2. As a retired HP person, I remember when the whole telecommute started. It was done to save real estate costs. I liked the flexibility to work at home, but over time it became apparent that day to day contact with my peers had an impact on my effectiveness. Sometimes ideas or solutions pop into your head during coffee breaks with your associates or during lunch. Something said may click in your brain, even if is not directly related to your problem.
  3. HP, Horrible Products! Nuff Said.
  4. What does this have to do with the article?
  5. Railman

    Railman TS Booster Posts: 708   +101

    I work in an office in which the majority of the space is devoted to hot desking. The assumption is that there is 70% occupancy. The problem we have is that my department is frequently 100% manned. I don't mind going to the office every day because I have a season ticket for my rail travel and I like to get value for my money. If I had to drive in go work I would be tempted to work from home on a regular basis.
  6. cliffordcooley

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    Maybe there can be a negotiation, such as a certain percentage of your time in the office.
  7. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 7,672   +413

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree because I've never had any problem with the 3 HP's I've had.
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  8. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,728   +3,701

    And I will agree with you. Out of all the printers and computers I've had dealings with, they were all great products. The computers were bloated with unnecessary software but that is a different topic.
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  9. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,374   +69

    Real wise idea when you look at the new fall car prices (skyrocketing). Gas prices are lower, but there is to be a shortage of gas in 2015 due to people not allowing refineries to be built. Finally, this is the nail in the coffin for those of us who wanted to work in silicon valley from, say, Illinois. Probably can't surveil these people enough from home.

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