Apple is reportedly cutting daily production of the iPhone 5c in half moving forward, from 300,000 to 150,000 units. No reason for the cut was mentioned but one must assume the phone isn't selling as well as Apple had hoped despite the fact that Cupertino moved nine million new iPhones (a combination of the 5s and 5c) during opening weekend last month.

A quick check at Apple's online retail store shows the iPhone 5c is ready to ship within 24 hours. The 5s, meanwhile, has an available to ship date of October meaning it could be a few weeks before a phone is dispatched to a buyer.

Other reports also back up the notion that the 5s is outselling the 5c. The "grey market" in China - distribution channels that aren't illegal but also aren't authorized by Apple - has been holding steady. The 5c was initially priced at around $700 USD but is now closer to $500 USD in such areas.

Leading up to the reveal, many analysts expected the 5c to be a true budget iPhone but with a price point of just $100 cheaper than the flagship 5s, that isn't exactly the case. Instead, the 5c is basically last year's model (iPhone 5) in a colorful plastic shell.

With Apple set to launch the new handsets in 35 additional countries later this month, it remains unclear if the more expensive 5s will continue its sales dominance or if the 5c will pick up traction in less affluent regions.