Apple said to be cutting iPhone 5c production in half

Shawn Knight

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Apple is reportedly cutting daily production of the iPhone 5c in half moving forward, from 300,000 to 150,000 units. No reason for the cut was mentioned but one must assume the phone isn’t selling as well as Apple had hoped...

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Well what did they expect, it was either buy the outdated phone, or the brand new upgraded one...Colorful backplates are not a reason for a new phone
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They were stupid to even make the 5c, what they should have done was continue to create iPhone 5's, design is much nicer and I'm sure they could have taken off $50 still to make it "price competitive"...

Instead they've created an ugly phone and put last gen's hardware in it, well done Apple... well Done...

I guess it does show though the Sheeple maybe stupid but not that stupid!
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Thank GOD that the fandom seems to be coming to an end.

No one to rule them all. Rather, and assortment of rather interesting devices.

Oh, and Steve is....


Its to expensive I queued up in belfast for the 5s and nobody was buying the 5c


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They created the 5C because if they had put the 5 and 5s side by side, its difficult to discern the difference and they wouldn't have sold as many of the 5s. Looks like they succeeded in making the 5s successful but the plastic phone was always going to sell less as soon as it became clear that it wasn't actually a "cheap" iPhone, just the same price point as the 4s was when the 5 came out.


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The fact of the matter remains... The 5C is just far too expensive. Cut the price by a couple hundred bucks then watch it fly off the shelves and into the hands of the iSheep.
This is not to say the price of the 5S is reasonable but iSheep are programmed to being ripped off by Apple so they meekly pay the extortionist price.


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I have a 5 and I'm happy. My missus would be happy with a 5c and it's the same internals pretty much. It's just not cheap but they are good phones.


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I specifically waited for Apple to make a plastic backed phone to get one. My wife is using it. She hates the keyboard and is intimidated by the technology, but she wanted one, so she has one.