Yesterday, Eurogamer cited "multiple industry sources" in a report claiming that Grand Theft Auto V would be released on PC in the first quarter of 2014, adding more fuel to the rumor fire. PC gamers have been holidng out for the title ever since its console release on September 17, but so far there has been no official word from publisher Rockstar Games on the matter.

To have GTA V launch on PC at the start of next year would follow a trend that Rockstar established way back in 2001 with the launch of Grand Theft Auto III. Across III, Vice City, San Andreas and IV, the average time from console release to PC release for GTA games has been 212 days: if the trend continues, GTA V will be launched around April 17, 2014, which is three weeks after the end of Q1.

Both Nvidia and Intel have hinted at the inevitable PC release of Grand Theft Auto V. Nvidia's senior director of investor relations, Chris Evenden, accidentally mentioned the PC version of GTA V during an investor call, although the company later said it was mentioned in error. This week, Intel also stated that they didn't expect the game "be console exclusive very long", indicating they might know more than the rest of the public.

Whether GTA V lands on PC early next year or later down the track, it seems incredibly likely the game will be released on PC given the interest surrounding the title. A petition for a PC version has almost reached 600,000 signatures, which gives some indication into how successful the title could be if it is released.