Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC in Q1 2014


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Yesterday, Eurogamer cited "multiple industry sources" in a report claiming that Grand Theft Auto V would be released on PC in the first quarter of 2014, adding more fuel to the rumor fire. PC gamers have been holidng out for the...

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I'm actually disappointed. I was hoping to get it for Christmas. I hoped when they delayed it for a few months earlier this year it was because they were working on a PC port. Max Payne 3's port was amazing. Rockstar really disappointed me on this one..
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Me three. Trying to play GTA IV on my i5-GTX680 is painful. 30fps is NOT an acceptable frame rate for pc gamers... I guess the didn't get the memo?
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I really hope it makes it to PC and actually plays decent. IV was a terrible port indeed, but after fiddling with settings and drivers for a few hours I finally got it to run well. While the game was somewhat repetitious that didn't stop from spending over 200 hours in the game.


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What did I buy that $250 video card for if they aren't supporting pc games? This is crap. I had a premonition as the card blew out several years ago after a power failure and I'm happy I didn't buy a new one. Played star wars like crap too. By the way, the onboard video is going now. Amd/Nvidia good luck!


Release it on the Steam OS so I can play it on the Linux Steam client. :p