Three years after launching Google TV, reports say the company plans to leave the brand behind in favor of a new, Android focused position, according to a report from GigaOm.

Google is yet to make the announcement official and has declined to make any comments on the matter at this time. According to the reports, an anonymous executive from an unnamed electronics manufacturer, who is currently in the Google TV business, confirmed the rebranding saying Google's living room push will soon be officially referred to as "Android TV."

It appears as though the move has been in the works for a little while now. Google consumer electronics partners, along with Google TV employees themselves, have refrained from referring to the initiative as Google TV entirely, instead using terms like "Android TV" and "Google services for TV." The report also notes that several developers have amended their online biographies to reflect the seemingly upcoming rebranding. Both Sony and LG have introduced products recently that are based on Google TV, without ever mentioning the term. Additionally, a Google developer event in Seoul was recently scheduled as "Android TV Developer Day."

With Google yet to make any officially statements on the situation, many feel the company's plans just aren't finalized as of yet. Some have suggested the use of both "Android TV" and "Google services for TV" could point at the company using a number of different brands. At this point, it is unclear when Google will officially announce the rebranding.