T-Mobile has been doing a lot to shake up the wireless industry this year but their latest decision will likely cause some unwanted ripples. The company recently confirmed intentions to do away with grandfathered plans starting next month.

Those with legacy plans will be moved to modern plans, Engadget has learned. Details are still scarce but a spokesperson told the publication that customers will be put on plans with similar or better features at comparable prices. A rumor surfaced last week that such pricing could start at $20 per month (T-Mobile's current cheapest plan starts at $50) but that hasn't been confirmed as of writing.

T-Mobile said maintaining thousands of rate plans is the norm in the industry but they believe it creates unnecessary complexity. Simple is better, they say, which is why they are getting rid of older plans in their system.

In a letter to a T-Mobile customer affected by the change, the company said they carefully selected a new plan and while they may pay more, they'll continue to enjoy access to the latest smartphones as well as the company's nationwide 4G network.

In the event a customer wishes to cancel their service, they may do so without penalty through February 1, 2014. That could be a quick way out of a contract if you're affected by the changes and wish to move to a different carrier but given T-Mobile's recent moves in the industry, they're becoming more attractive now than ever.