Samsung has launched a battery replacement program in the wake of continued battery issues with the Galaxy S4. In a statement on the matter, the Korean tech giant said they are aware of a battery issue that has affected a limited number of customers and will be rectifying the issue with free replacement power packs.

Recent reports have suggested some carriers are seeing a return rate of 30 percent due to various battery-related issues including fast-draining power and lithium-ion batteries that swell up and push against the back shell of the phone. It’s normal for a battery like the 2600mAh unit found in the S4 to degrade over time but the speed at which the batteries in question are breaking down is alarming.

Samsung is inviting all affected users to visit their nearest service center where they can receive a replacement battery free of charge. It’s unclear if users will be able to have a replacement battery shipped to them or if they must visit a service center for a replacement. Furthermore, we don’t know if the issue is limited to certain regions or variants of the S4.

The S4 launched in March and has helped Samsung retain the title of world’s largest smartphone maker.

At least one S4 user I spoke with personally said they are currently experiencing severe battery drain problems. Have you been having problems with the battery in your S4? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below.