Apple's iPad event will take place tomorrow, and the last few predictions as to what we might see are still coming in, including the latest from the Wall Street Journal. WSJ's sources claim that there is definitely a retina display iPad Mini on the way along with a lighter, thinner standard iPad model.

There is no mention from the report as to when or for how much we might see the retina iPad mini become available. But at this point, it is pretty safe to assume that if the high res mini is a real thing, the curtain will be lifted tomorrow afternoon.

According to the sources, the standard iPad will also be seeing a hardware refresh. It is said to be thinner and lighter while making use of a "thin film" on its display, as opposed to the thick piece of glass the current 10-inch iPad models have.

Both rumors are generally believed to be plausible and are in-line with what we expected out of this year's event. Other predictions suggest we'll see the release date for OS X Mavericks and the new updated Mac Pros, along with refreshed MacBook Pros hosting Intel's Haswell chips. We won't have to wait long now, tomorrow's Apple event kicks off at 12PM CDT/10AM PDT.