Samsung has been crowned the King of Android, as it seems that every other Android vendor is struggling to catch-up to Samsung’s titanic market share. Their Galaxy line of Android phones have become well known with consumers and the Galaxy brand has a loyal following, and an even larger marketing budget.

The Note 3 makes no attempt to hide its massive dimensions, and it is certainly playing to the market for those who want both a phone and a tablet, and are keen to embrace devices that claim to offer the best of both worlds. There is no crime in trying to target these users and considering that Samsung is on the third iteration of the Note series, the devices are clearly selling well enough that it justifies Samsung’s continued ventures into this category.

But with the Android market heating up - with HTC introducing premium and larger phones, and LG pushing out impressive new devices too - the Note 3 has to be at the top of its game or it could easily fall out of favor with consumers who are looking for something new to slot in their pockets. So, with the device on Verizon costing $299 on contract or $699 SIM-free, is the Note 3 impressive enough to guarantee its sale success, or is it the case that bigger really isn't better?

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