What do you do if you're a mathematician with a love of pizza? You create an equation that describes the perfect pizza, of course! Eugenia Cheng of the University of Sheffield in the UK did such a thing, coming up with the formula below.

In this equation, 't' designates the volume of toppings, 'd' designates the volume of dough and 'r' is the radius of the pizza, with the assumption here being made that the same amount of toppings and dough should be used for each pizza size. Plugging in some numbers reveals the average bite from an 11-inch pizza should have 10% more toppings than a 14-inch pizza, which makes some sense as smaller pizzas tend to be thicker.

While Cheng reportedly did some research to come up with this formula, a lot of what makes a pizza 'perfect' is down to personal preference. Still, we'd love to hear from anyone who decides to use this formula as to whether it truly does produce the perfect pizza.

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