While many of us are waiting for our Nexus 5 to ship, it appears as though a bunch of the phone's applications have surfaced. Android community members have ripped some content from the official Google factory image and made it available.

The content was then sifted through by Droid-Life which then collated the main apps including calendar, email, and camera hangouts, as well as some more notable additions, into convenient downloads.

Most of the apps are minor updates, as Droid-Life points out, but there are also some more important ones like the improved Google Search, the new Google Home launcher, Google Keyboard and Clock that are available as well.

While it certainly isn't the full Kit Kat experience, those who just can't wait to get a taste can do so at their own risk. The apps were obviously built specifically for the Nexus 5 so there is no telling how they might function with a device running CyanogenMod or Sense.

You can head over to Droid-Life now to get the special installation instructions and the download links for each application, if you're interested.