If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you enjoy a bit of PC gaming, it might be worth your while to head down to the San Jose Convention Center to attend AMD's Fan Day on Wednesday, November 13.

At the Fan Day, AMD is hosting what they're calling the world's first Battlefield 4 contest, which will allow 16 teams of five to compete against eachother, with the winners taking home an AMD-powered PC. As well as the competition, AMD will have 100 machines on site to play Battlefield 4 in free play tournaments and singleplayer.

And let's not forget the prizes: AMD and its partners will be on site to provide more than $50,000 in prizes through contests and raffles. Come early, for example, and you could net yourself two free games on the spot through a Never Settle Forever voucher.

The event is free for everyone and, unless you want to partake in the Battlefield 4 tournament, requires no registration. Turn up at the San Jose Convention Center between 9am and 8pm to have some fun gaming, and check out the AMD Fan Day website for more information.