If you're a Diablo III fan, chances are you're already chomping at the bit to get your hands on the game's planned expansion, due to drop sometime in the near future (we hope). Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is promising some big upgrades to the game's replayability, as well as a brand new storyline labled "ACT V." 

Now we're getting a better look at just what to expect with the release, thanks to a "leaked" video that has shown up on Youtube. The 1:40 long teaser is a fast paced cinematic that opens with the introduction of new game modes. The bounty mode has players traveling to many different locales in order to seek out high priority targets. These bounties offer high exp and gold rewards (as well as loot, of course), and seem to prattle on endlessly in order to add a good chunk of replayabiltiy to to the title. There are also "nephalem rifts" that act as miniature events, tossing you into dark portals filled with powerful enemies.

We also catch a small glimpse at the addition of clans and groups, as well as the new, mysterious artisan, dubbed the Mystic. The Mystic will allow you to enchant your weapons and armors, as well as transmogrify items. This will let you keep the stats from one item while copying the look of another. This may be one of the more exciting features to hit the expansion, as it allows for much more customization across characters.

The video closes with a very brief look at the upgraded Paragon system, and the ominous phrase "death awaits," which should be no surprise to those of you that are working your way through Inferno mode. Those of you itching for some visuals can check out the entire trailer above.

What are your feelings about the new features? Are you excited, or disappointed? Let us know in the comments.