Google is preparing to make Glass more of a complete experience with a new update scheduled to go live on Tuesday. Specifically, the new features will allow wearers to interact with music through the augmented reality visor according to a new report from the New York Times.

The update will include a new command called "listen to" that fits in with other voice-activated tasks like snapping a photo or searching for something on the web. Wearers will be able to search for a song or artist and stream tunes through Play. We are told that Glass users will even be able to link their Play accounts in order to gain access to playlists and song recommendations based on what they've listened to previously.

Google is also planning to release a set of earbud headphones for Glass that will debut by the end of the month priced at $85.

Ed Sanders, the director of marketing for Google Glass, said these new features will build a great music experience on Glass, whether you're a classical music professor, an acclaimed sound engineer and hip-hop producer or someone who wants to listen to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

The music push will no doubt help expand the popularity of Google's streaming music service. The Spotify-like subscription offering has gotten off to a slow start in a crowded market that includes competitors like Spotify, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody and Pandora, just to name a few.