The wait is finally over, Sony fans, the Playstation 4 is officially out. Many cities across the United States saw individuals flood midnight releases at a variety of retail locations to get their hands on the newest console. Pair that with all of the gamers picking up their secured pre-orders and you can imagine just how many people were burning the midnight oil in order to enter the next generation of gaming. 

It has been quite the wait for those who lived in the current generation of Sony gaming for approximately seven years with the PS3. This is the longest that Sony fans have had to wait for a next-gen system, with prior releases coming only six years apart – 1994, 2000 and 2006. The next few months will be important in judging whether or not the wait was worth it, and hopefully there won't be a slew of bugs plaguing the console. 

Sony is already well aware of one issue, however, which was spotted in a group of early release Playstation 4s. According to IGN, some players who received early access to the console are complaining of broken displays and unresponsive HDMI outputs. The systems are reported to turn on, accompanied by a pulsing, glowing blue light, but no display is available. Sony is sending out replacement units to these individuals, but it could take some time, which promptly negated the "play the PS4 before anyone else" prize that some of these gamers were promised with their pre-orders. This shouldn't be a widespread issue though, and a Sony representative told IGN that the affected systems will equal only 0.4 percent of all the consoles shipped.

It's going to be interesting to see how the gaming community adopts the PS4 in the next couple months, and with the impending release of its rival, the Xbox One, things are going to get very heated, very quickly. If any of you TechSpot readers out there got your hands on a PS4, we'd love to hear about your early experiences!