MOGA has unveiled a new mobile gaming controller designed specifically for iOS 7 devices. It’s called the Ace Power and in addition to making gameplay easier on Apple’s smartphone and iPod, the device also packs an 1,800mAh battery designed to keep your device charged as you play.

Gamepads for mobile phones aren’t anything new but the Ace Power is significant as it is the first to work with iOS 7 and its native gamepad support. The controller connects to the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and fifth generation iPod touch using the Lightning port on the bottom of the handset. It’s all held in place using a method MOGA refers to as S.M.R.T lock technology and when you are finished, it collapses down for easy transporting.

The controller includes two analog sticks, L1 / R1 and L2 / R2 buttons across the top, a directional pad and four main action buttons. There are also buttons for pause, screen lock and a switch to enable or disable the internal battery along with a reset switch on the rear. The company hasn’t yet revealed which games will be the first to support the Ace Power although there’s expected to be a flurry of support from game developers taking advantage of Apple’s new gamepad support in the near future.

Gizmodo recently spent some quality time with the Ace Power and came away thoroughly impressed although the hardware was said to feel flimsy and cheap like a toy.

The gamepad will be a bit pricey when it launches at $100 through Apple’s online store and other retailers but if you are a serious mobile gamer or know someone that it, it could make a great gift this holiday season.