Flickr recently introduced a new photo book feature that will allow users to create physical photo albums via a single click to facilitate offline sharing. Flickr Photo Books are described as an intelligent creation tool that will automatically analyze images and crop, position and place them in the optimal position for you.

Photo sets are the default gateway to creating a book. Simply hover over a set and click on the book icon. Flickr will take care of the rest, if you want them to. Otherwise, users can manually add or delete photos, make tweaks or rearrange the order of images in the book.

Each Flickr Photo Book consists of 20 pages (for starters) of premium white proPhoto paper with a Lustre finish with the option to have photos fill the entire page or leave a bit of a margin. The book is said to be bound tightly within a photo wrap high-gloss hardcover with a matching dust jacket although it's unknown exactly what vendor will be doing the work

Pricing starts at $34.95 for the 20-page option although books can feature up to 240 pages. After the initial $34.95 fee for 20 pages, you'll be looking at $0.50 per page thereafter. Flickr tells us the books will be available within the US in about a week. Those outside of the continental US are encouraged to stay tuned as they work to bring photo books to other regions in the near future.