Chromecast has been a popular choice among consumers looking for a cheap way to beam content to the big screen. While Asus revealed its offering in the space with the Miracast Dongle recently, today Chromecast owners are in for a treat with the inclusion of HBO Go support.

The HBO Go apps for both iOS and Android have now both been updated to include the ability to beam Go content to the big screen over Google's $35 dongle. As some have suggested, it has been somewhat of a long wait with HBO Go for Chromecast owners, as there was talk of it being supported back when Google's streaming dongle was released.

When most people ran out and purchased a Chromecast at launch, it was in hopes that future support from the major content providers would eventually come, and now it looks as though it finally has for the most part. With major services like Pandora, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube all on-board now, the addition of HBO Go rounds out the Chromecast's line-up with pretty much all of the most popular content providers available. For some, it would appear that the only significant omission at this point could be some of the specific sports providers.

You can update/download the HBO Go app for iOS and Android now. Users will need iOS 6 and above or Android 2.3 and above to use the app with Chromecast.