Apple on Thursday was awarded $290 million in patent damages from Samsung by a federal jury. The judgment brings the total that Apple is owed to more than $900 million in the case which includes a separate verdict from last year.

The six-woman, two-man jury starting hearing the case last week in which Apple claimed Samsung copied technology from the iPhone and iPad. Cupertino argued that Samsung owed nearly $380 million in damages based on lost profits and profit that Samsung earned while selling the offending devices as well as royalties.

Samsung fought back with claims that Apple inflated the value of their patents. They also reiterated the importance of consumer choice and concluded that damages should not exceed $52 million.

The jury ultimately decided that Samsung was guilty of patent infringement on 13 smartphones and tablets which includes features like pinch-to-zoom and bounce back. It was their belief that Samsung didn't provide the evidence necessary to counter Apple's claims.

The jury forewoman said the entire panel agreed the ruling would set precedent for future patent laws and if they didn't award Apple much money, it would only show other companies that it is alright to infringe on patents.

Naturally, Apple praised the verdict and said it showed Samsung that copying has a cost. Samsung, meanwhile, called the verdict disappointing and promised to appeal the decision.

The devices in question are all older models that have long since been replaced.