Last Friday, North America was greeted by Sony's newest console, the PlayStation 4. Launch day saw stores selling out and long lines of individuals eager to get their hands on the next generation of console gaming. According to the company, over 1 million units were sold on day one, making the PS4 "Sony's fastest-selling gaming hardware yet." Europe and Latin America won't see a release until November 29th, and Sony is hopeful that it can continue to break records and create ample supply to feed a technology hungry gaming community.

To put the latest release into perspective, Westbase Technology has put together a pretty neat infographic that gives us a visual timeline of the Playstation franchise, dating all the way back to Sony's original creation in 1993. Each section showcases the top three games for that console as well as some bits about the console's individual success. The PS4 is obviously just getting started, but it's pretty neat to sit back and reflect on how far Sony has come, and appreciate the predecessors that came before this next generation of console gaming.