Amazon is hard at work on the successor to the Kindle Paperwhite which will arrive in early Q2 2014. The refreshed e-reader will feature a high resolution display operating at 300 PPI compared to just 212 PPI of the current model according to a new report from TechCrunch.

The publication claims to have seen a prototype of the device, codenamed Ice Wine, which also includes some other hardware improvements. Said prototype utilized a screen that was flush with the edge of the device instead of a recessed display like the current model uses. The screen is also said to be coated in a matte-like glass instead of plastic but even still, the overall weight is less than this year's model.

It'll be pretty much business as usual on the software side but Amazon will upscale the software to take advantage of the higher resolution display. The online retailer is also working on new typography for the e-reader with a custom-built font that is said to be great for reading. Amazon added a number of fonts in the last release although most weren't received well.

Those awkward right-hand margins are also expected to disappear thanks to the addition of hyphenation. This feature, however, may or may not arrive in the new software. Perhaps it'll arrive at a later date via an update.

The device is still several months away so information like an exact release date or pricing is unknown at this time.