The new double sided Android device called YotaPhone will go on sale later today in Russia and parts of Europe, like we previously expected. The unique device boasts both your standard touchscreen display similar to what you see on most Android phones, and an e-paper display built-in to the rear panel.

The YotaPhone has a 4.3-inch 720p LCD display on the front and a 4.3-inch E-Ink display on the opposite side that uses a very similar tech as the Amazon Kindle devices. The E-Ink display runs at a much lower resolution and requires very little power to operate. Yota pushes this feature as an "always-on, low power display," that allows users to capture images from the main screen, read eBooks, receive battery updates, and get various notifications that can all be displayed on the back screen using very little power.

Beyond the dual display, the YotaPhone has no physical buttons outside of the top mounted power button and a volume adjustment switch along the side, making use of touch strips along the bottom of the device instead. As you likely imagined, these strips take place of the regular buttons we are used to seeing on Android devices.

The phone goes on sale for €499 (about $675) in Russia today and across a number of European cities like Germany, France, Austria, and Spain. The Yotaphone is expected to make its debut come January in the UK, Greece, Cyprus and the Czech Republic, among others. Yota reps have gone on record saying that the company would like to offer the device in the US, but has no firm plans to do so as of yet.