AmazonFresh, the ecommerce site's budding grocery delivery service, may be expanding to San Francisco. In addition to a number of delivery truck sightings in the area and recent job postings, sources have told All Things D that the service is set to launch as early as next week in the Bay Area.

Specifically, Amazon is expected to make an announcement on December 10, a full six months to the day after the service expanded from Seattle to Los Angeles. It initially launched in beta form on an invite-only basis back in August of 2007 but took quite some time to move south to Los Angeles because they had to figure out how to do it so that it made financial sense.

When asked for comment, Amazon said they had nothing to share at this time.

If you are unfamiliar, AmazonFresh allows shoppers to order an assortment of groceries and have them delivered on the same day or the next day. Deliverables include everything from dry goods to fresh produce and even milk. Access to the service in Los Angeles sells for $299 per year.

During the same 60 Minutes interview in which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed the company's plans to use unmanned drones to deliver packages, he noted that if they can make the grocery delivery model work, it would extend the range of products they sell.

Amazon won't be alone in the grocery delivery market in San Fran, however, as a number of other major retailers including Google Shopping Express, Instacart, Safeway and Walmart are all operating similar ventures.