The 25th is rapidly approaching and you're running out of time to pick up the perfect Christmas gift for all your friends and loved ones. Lucky for you, Humble Bundle has a new weekly sale just in time to save you from braving the outside world. This week the charitable outlet is playing host to a slew of titles developed by Puppy Games, and they can all be yours for, well, whatever you can pay.

Tossing in anything you can will entitle you to Titan Attack!, Revenge of the Titans, Ultratron, and Droid Assault. These titles are all available for enjoyment on PC, Mac, and Linux, and are free of DRM. If you don't want to mess with having to install these games the traditional way, you can unlock them for Steam redemption by paying at least the average, which is currently $3.45 at the time of writing this article. You'll get access to two soundtracks (Revenge of the Titans, Ultratron) with your purchase.

This week's charitable donations benefit Gamesaid. So far the weekly sale has managed to sell over 19,000 bundles, which equates to over $66,000 in raised funds. The Steam Holiday Sale is no doubt consuming most of your hard earned cash, but imagine how good it will feel to give towards a great cause.

Note that the Humble Bundle also offers a nifty "gifting option," that you can use at checkout, which makes this a great last minute gift to anyone you may have left on your list. Be sure to check out the current (and bigger) bundle that is available, as well as some of the deals in The Humble Store's very own Holiday event.