Nokia has now officially put Symbian and MeeGo to rest as expected. Today the company took to its Symbian Signed Team twitter account to announce the termination of all Symbian and MeeGo support moving forward.

"That was it; we are officially closed. Thank you all for the past years!" the Symbian Signed team posted on Twitter today.

Nokia announced back in October that it would stop accepting new applications or updates of existing ones starting in the new year. Less than a month after Microsoft purchased Nokia's Devices and Services division for 5.4 billion Euros, Nokia made the announcement that Symbian developers would have until January 1, 2014 to offer any final updates on existing apps.

According to reports, developers will no longer be able to offer updates through Nokia's digital distribution chain, but could decide to offer them through private servers or with unsigned files for modded Nokia devices.

Now that the MeeGo and Symbian app store has been suspended, the company will set its focus on Windows Phone and its Asha product line, while hoping that its developers will make the transition with them.

"With the growing business opportunities available on the Asha and Windows Phone platforms, we have been reviewing our developer content programs to see how we can maximize our support to you, our developers," Nokia said back in October. The company continued by saying that as "a result of this review," it has decided to focus both its "support and investment" toward Windows Phone and its Asha line, which many feel is crucial to the company's growth in developing markets.