Samsung is set to launch a new initiative that they claim will lay the platform framework for the connected home of the future. Known as Samsung Smart Home, the service will allow users to manage and control a number of connected electronics and appliances through a single platform from any device.

Samsung already has a number of connected products available to consumers, ranging from wearable tech like the Galaxy Gear to connected Smart TVs and even household appliances like a Wi-Fi connected front-loading washer and dryer as well as a refrigerator.

The platform will consist of three key features. Device Control will assist users in managing their home from anywhere with any device, Home View is a security system of sorts that lets users view what's being seen from cameras embedded in various devices around the home while Smart Customer Service will notify people when an appliance is in need of servicing.

Voice commands will also work with Smart Home. For example, if you're heading out to run some errands, simply say "going out" into your Galaxy Gear smartwatch and the system will automatically turn off your lights, adjust your thermostat and even run your dishwasher.

Users won't be required to purchase Samsung gadgets to use Smart Home, however, as the initiative is being rolled out to third party manufacturers as well.

The platform will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this week with the tagline "Smart Living and Beyond." We're told Samsung will bring the app and ecosystem to market sometime during the first half of this year.