While Samsung's wearable Galaxy Gear received its fair share of negative criticism at launch, the company has revealed that shipments of the device are doing quite well. According to a report from Reuters quoting Samsung representatives, the company has shipped more than 800,000 smartwatches in two months.

The numbers have far exceeded the expectations internally at Samsung and the Galaxy Gear is reportedly now the most popular smartwatch available. While initial reports suggested the 800,000 figure was referring directly to sales, Samsung has now confirmed that indeed the number was regarding shipments.

Not only do the numbers exceed expectations at Samsung, but also those of industry analysts. Some have suggested that its success could have a lot to do with various promotions that tie in the wearable with Samsung handsets, not to mention its fairly wide spread marketing campaign. The company is reported to have poured a large amount of resources into the Galaxy Gear marketing plan, which included some big budget ad campaigns with celebrities and fashion houses.

Along with a new update addressing some key concerns among critics, Samsung has also said that it will continue its aggressive push through the holidays in order to get more of the $300 wearables out there. Now compatible with both the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy S4, Samsung has also specifically said that it will be working towards expanding the amount of "mobile devices that work with the Gear."

In other Galaxy Gear news, it looks as though an XDA member who goes by the name of fOmey has released a ROM that lifts many of Samsung's limitations on the device. It will let users run interfaces like Nova launcher, other third party apps, wallpapers, and even support Bluetooth tethering. According to fOmey, the tethering allows the Gear to scoop an internet connection from any available mobile device that supports it. Although we are currently unsure of how stable it is, if you're an interested Gear owner then you can head over to XDA and try out the mod for yourself.