Connected home appliances are moving from the kitchen, living room and the laundry room into the bathroom. No, I'm not talking about a Wi-Fi enabled toilet (although I'm sure someone will market a connected commode at some point) but rather a connected electric toothbrush.

It certainly sounds like a silly idea but Kolibree, the Paris-based company behind the electric toothbrush showcased during CES Unveiled, says it can analyze your brushing habits and help you brush smarter. The concept could also help to motivate (or shame) users into brushing more often but either way, the goal is to have cleaner teeth - something we can all get behind.

The connected brush works in tandem with Kolibree's mobile app, connecting via Bluetooth. Once set up, the brush will take note of relevant data each time it is used that can later be viewed via the mobile app. Metrics that are recorded include total time spent brushing and how rigorous the brushing was, among others. The app even awards users with a "score" that would likely appeal to children, encouraging them to strive for a better score - and a more thorough overall cleaning - next time.

The company plans to release multiple models starting in the third quarter of this year. Pricing will range between $100 to $200 we're told which isn't exactly cheap for an electric toothbrush that doesn't appear to have any other advanced features.

Then again, spending $100 now to improve brushing habits could save you a lot of money in the long run in terms of dental work... not to mention the fact that a healthy mouth can lead to better overall health.