It's rare to see a company unleash as many promotions for a single handset as we've seen Motorola do for the Moto X. The latest will see the Google-owned company provide a free Chromecast streaming dongle to anyone that buys the handset off-contract via Moto Maker.

Those interested in picking up the free Chromecast need to know a thing or two about the process before getting started as it's not as simple as ordering the phone and getting the dongle free of charge. Potential customers will need to enter the code "STREAM" in the promotion box on the last page of the checkout process to qualify. It's a small step but one that could easily be skipped, especially if someone isn't aware of the promotion.

If you need a refresher (and who doesn't after so many price changes and promos?), the 16GB Moto X currently retails for $400 sans contract. If that's a bit too much coin to throw down at once, wireless carriers in the US will happily subsidize the phone for you starting at $50.

The fact that Motorola keeps promoting the Moto X tells us a few different things. For one, it shows everyone that even a mid-range phone can be successful among enthusiasts if priced and marketed aggressively. What's more, the constant news exposure is helping to rebuild the Motorola brand and keep it fresh in the minds of buyers until the next revision is released (no word on when that might happen, unfortunately).

The Moto X / Chromecast promotion is only good through January 14 so you'll need to act quickly if you want to scoop up the bundle.