One of the biggest issues that plagues the globe isn't something that we can see or easily explain. Violence, sickness, accidental injury, these are all things we come in contact with on a daily basis. But for some, there are the added demons of depression, a mental illness that affects more people we probably imagine. One individual, Zoe Quinn, is hoping to aid those in need with a new game that is attempting to make its way to Steam.

Depression Quest is a text-adventure that follows the life of a 20-something year old man who has a stable relationship, a dead-end job, and suffers from severe depression. The game presents you with a variety of scenarios, and then asks you to provide one of three possible answers. The answers vary from healthy, to unhealthy, and very unhealthy. This is a work of fiction, and while it may not pose as a perfect mimic to the problems that people face on a daily basis, it intends to be a very helpful tool in understanding depression.

The project was originally featured on Steam Greenlight, but after some controversy concerning death and rape threats against the developer (via Twitter) it was taken down. It has since been brought back and is currently available for users to vote for. The creator, Zoe Quinn, hopes the game can be offered for free to the masses.

At the time of writing Depression Quest has already received enough votes from the community and has now been green-lit, so Valve will likely be moving forward soon to bring this game to Steam.