There are a few highly anticipated MMORPG's on the horizon, specifically with Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online, but even if that's the case there are some classics that players just refuse to leave. Lord of the Rings Online may have what many consider to be a cult following, but when rumors spread about its possible shutdown, many dedicated Middle Earth fans thought their journey was over. Good news today from Turbine proves that Lord of the Rings isn't going anywhere, not for a while.

According to a Sapience, community manager on the title's official forums, Turbine has renewed the game's license until 2017. That leaves more than enough time for the One Ring to make its way to Mordor before Turbine decides to end the MMO's run. The Helm's Deep expansion recently hit the MMO at the end of last year, giving players an array of new content to enjoy.

We may not know what Turbine has in store for this long running MMO, but we do know that it's here to stay for at least 3 more years. So all you Tolkien fans out there can rest easy knowing that the fate of your beloved game has been extended.