The latest data from analytics firm Flurry says that mobile app use was more popular than ever last year. 2013 saw growth across all app categories, with users launching apps 115% more than in 2012. Flurry draws its data from its analytics and ad platforms that have been implemented into various apps. The company says it has helped tens of thousands of developers and that today's information is based on the 400,000 apps it tracks.

As you can see in the graph from Flurry above, the Messaging and Social apps category saw a 203% growth, tripling the amount of usage compared to the previous year. While not surprising considering the popularity of apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, the segment has grown quite significantly compared to other app categories.

Flurry also attributes the 149% growth in the Utilities and Productivity category to the fact that many people use smartphones and tablets for things normally done on traditional PCs and because "productivity apps, such as Evernote and Quip, gained sophistication and adoption." the firm said. Beyond that, the gaming segment's 66% growth is of note due to many feeling that the category had reached an unhealthy level of saturation last year.

As for totals, Flurry tracked 1.126 trillion play sessions throughout 2013, which averages out to about 3.08 billion sessions a day. On December 31, 2013, the firm tracked a record breaking 4.7 billion sessions in just one day. "Those are some very, very big numbers," Flurry wrote in a blog post. "One minute later the counter went back to zero. A new year has begun, and if the first few days of January are any indication, the mobile world is looking at another major growth year." Overall, while Flurry had previously stated that download growth may be slowing, users are more engaged with apps than ever before.