If the lure of making small trinkets or musical instruments hasn't been enough to get you interested in 3D printing, 3D Systems has sweetened the pot (no pun intended) thanks to a new partnership with the Hershey Company.

The multi-year deal will see the two companies collaborate on ways to develop a 3D printer that can create chocolate goodies and other edibles right at home which can only be seen as good PR for everyone involved.

3D Systems said the creation of chocolate printers is a good way to help the new technology go mainstream. And according to William Papa, head of research and development at Hershey, it's a way for the company to embrace new technologies to keep moving their confectionery treats into the future.

You may be surprised to hear that this isn't the first time 3D printing has been considered for use in printing candy. As The Verge points out, there were some 3D printed candies on display at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month that were created using 3D Systems' ChefJet machine. Despite reportedly tasting very good, the candies were extremely fragile and essentially crumbled once they hit your mouth. With any luck, Hershey can figure out how to make chocolates that are a bit stronger.

No word yet on when consumers might be able to create their own Hershey Kisses at home or how much they'll need to shell out for the opportunity.