Microsoft launched Windows 8 in October 2012 to a bevy of new laptop and tablet form factors, though computer manufacturers largely stayed with familiar computer styles. HP's bucking that trend with the Envy Recline 23, which features a unique design focused on its adjustable base.

Windows 8 laptops ushered in displays that could be flipped and angled several ways, yet Windows 8 computers remained relatively similar to years-old styles, despite more and more using touchscreen displays. The Envy Recline 23 takes its cues from recent Windows laptops by offering two hinges that allow the 23-inch touchscreen to position itself to a variety of angles, from 5 to 145 degrees.

In addition to its frame, the computer differentiates itself from the competition in a few other ways, such as an HDMI-in port and Beats Audio. For the most part, however, HP doesn't stray too far from the norm, though there are a handful of options available for consumers with more specialized needs.

Starting at $999, the Envy Recline 23 offers some alluring customizable setups at a range of price points.

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