Not to be outdone by's announcement earlier this month, Tiger Direct on Thursday revealed they are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for more than 200,000 products. The company claims they are now the first major US electronics retailer and the largest company in the world to start accepting the virtual currency as a method of payment for goods.

In a statement on the matter, Tiger Direct director of corporate marketing Steven Leeds said the company has always been on the forefront of alternative online payment methods and with individuals building their own high-powered PCs to mine Bitcoins, it's a logical fit.

The electronics retailer is using BitPay as their payment processor, a popular choice among those looking to accept the cryptocurrency. And Tiger Direct is taking it one step further by partnering with AMD create what they claim is the largest assortment of graphics cards in the industry for mining purposes.

Of course, you wouldn't want to use desktop graphics cards for Bitcoin mining as it's no longer an efficient method but for Litecoins and other alternative coins, it's still the route to go for now. It's worth pointing out that Tiger Direct lists Butterfly Labs hardware - still fit for Bitcoin mining - as "coming soon."

To get started shopping with Tiger Direct, you'll first need a Bitcoin wallet (preferably loaded with some funds). From there, simply shop at the site as you would any other and when it comes time to check out, select Bitcoin as your payment method. There's a full help page for those that need additional guidance with the process.