BlackBerry is forging ahead with new software for the Z30, Q5 and Q10 smartphones. Update 10.2.1, which also works on the Porsche Design P'9982 handset, delivers a number of enhancements and comes at a time when many others would have called it quits.

The update includes a revamped BlackBerry Hub that now lets users filter their message list. This means the Hub can be customized to only show specific message types such as unread messages, flagged messages, draft messages, meeting invites, sent messages or level 1 alerts.

There's also a new incoming call screen that lets users swipe left to answer or swipe right to ignore a call. Intuitive icons assist with other call-related activities such as silencing a call or sending a reply through BBM, SMS or e-mail. Similarly, there's also a new security feature that allows users to combine a photo and a number to lock the handset.

BlackBerry users can now receive OS updates automatically over Wi-Fi and those using a Z30, Q5 or Q10 smartphone now have access to the built-in FM radio tuner. This feature shipped with the handset but was disabled up until this point. Other new additions include an offline browser reading mode, preferred contact sync and a new and improved device / battery monitor.

Oddly enough, the update also allows users to natively install Android apps from third party sources. I say odd because it isn't mentioned anywhere in BlackBerry's press release.

As you have likely already gathered, none of these features are revolutionary or groundbreaking. Instead, most are simply features that have been missing up to this point or are puzzling altogether (an FM tuner when streaming music is all the rage?), but I digress.