Few things can ruin your day quite like shattering the screen on your smartphone. HTC is all too aware of this which is why they are now offering customers one free screen replacement during the first six months of ownership. Here's an idea that I certainly hope catches fire with other manufacturers.

The offer is valid for owners of the HTC One, One mini and One max although there's one big catch: it only applies to devices purchased starting today. That means if the screen on your HTC phone bit the bullet yesterday, you're out of luck. If that's the case, you're best trying to go the handset insurance option or attempting to repair it yourself.

The program is part of HTC's new initiative that puts customers first. Known as HTC Advantage, the program also outlines exactly how long a user can expect to receive software (Android) updates for their device. As of writing, current One family smartphones will keep getting updates for at least the next two years.

HTC Advantage also delivers more cloud storage via Google Drive. HTC max owners will receive 50GB of storage while those with other models will net 25GB after Sense 5.5 is installed.

All of this comes free of charge, we might add, which could certainly help sway prospective buyers towards HTC's camp - that is, if wireless carriers can be bothered to inform customers about the new initiative. Given the fact that handset insurance is a lucrative business for providers, it wouldn't be a surprise to see reps conveniently gloss over HTC Advantage during their sales pitch.