It was nearly a year ago when Bethesda's vice president of marketing and publications, Pete Hines, revealed that an earlier version of Doom 4 had been scrapped because it did not exhibit the quality and excitement that id and Bethesda intended to deliver to fans.

Id began refocusing its efforts on a new version in 2011 that they hoped would better live up to the franchise name. It would seem that production on the new Doom game is going pretty well as Bethesda has since revealed that beta access will be given to anyone that pre-orders Wolfenstein: The New Order.

That title is expected to drop on May 20 in North America and according to an FAQ on the official website, the Doom beta key will be included with boxed copies of the game along with redemption instructions. Note that an official start date for the beta hasn't been revealed just yet. Bethesda promises to contact participants when the beta is ready with information on available options (platforms) and other important info.

Bethesda didn't rule out the possibility of an open beta but did say that the only way to get in on the action as of writing is by pre-ordering Wolfenstein. It's also worth pointing out that Bethesda doesn't refer to the game as Doom 4 but rather, just Doom.

Doom first hit the scene over 20 years ago with the latest release in the franchise, Doom 3, coming in 2004. Source code for that title was released back in late 2011.