Despite the lawsuits, the online television service provider Aereo isn't holding up its expansion plans. Just a week after Utah federal court imposed a preliminary injunction on its operations, the company has announced that it will launch its services to 1.25 million customers in the greater Austin area starting March 3. The company, however, has ceased operating in Salt Lake City and Denver, following last week's judgment.

The Austin area includes 12 counties across the state of Texas, and according to the company, residents who preregister at the company's website will be entitled for priority signup when Aereo's technology becomes available. The company earlier announced that it will launch its services in 22 cities by spring, but at present its coverage is limited to just 10 cities.

Aereo is a startup that provides online television services by retransmitting broadcast television signals to consumers via the Internet. Its subscription packages start at $8 a month. Backed by billionaire Barry Diller's IAC/InterActiveCorp, the company has been dragged to court by the broadcasting industry over copyright violations.

While Aereo won all the lawsuits, last week Utah's federal court became the first to side with the broadcasters. The Supreme court is scheduled next month to hear broadcast networks’ case against the startup. According to a USAToday report, broadcasters like CBS and Fox have threatened to cease broadcast, should the Supreme Court decide in Aereo's favor.