Just a couple of weeks after noted leaker @evleaks posted images of the new HTC One "M8", during the weekend a kid from Schaumburg, IL uploaded an exhaustive 12-minute hands-on video review of the device (developer version).

The video does not provide any shocking revelations about HTC's next-generation flagship phone, as most of what it shows seems to be in line with what we already knew, nonetheless it's nice to see the phone in action, and there are some features worth mentioning.

For example, the new device is more rounded than the outgoing HTC One, and has a microSD card slot, which was present only in the dual SIM version of the HTC One. The headphone jack has been moved to the bottom, while the power button is now on the right of the device.

The upcoming flagship device will have two rear cameras, and feature six shooting modes including Camera, Selfie, 360 Panorama, Video, Zoe, and Dual Capture. The latest version of HTC Sense 6.0 looks mostly the same.

HTC is set to (officially) unveil the HTC M8 on March 25th.